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* = anything.

* A1 will return all words ending with A1.
mn * will return all words starting with Y5.
* Sms * will return all words containing T18.

Dictionary Statistics

Word entries : 7090
Variant entries : 4218
Number of modification : 775
Number of searches : 138194



 = one sign

j / j will return all words starting and ending with M17 with any one sign in between
j / / j will return the same but with any two signs in betwenn.

Modify and Add entries to dictionary

   Finally I haven't yet implemented this function because of the difficulties to asset scientifical grounds. Moreover there is an actual french research program to create a Permanent Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian directed by Dimitri Meeks/Frédéric Servajean (Dictionnaire Permanent de l'Egyptien Ancien - DPEA). More people, more money, better brains ! It will be much better than what I could achieve. Therefore this part of my work is sadly no more a priority.



= any number for Gardiner code.

* E+ will return all words ending with a cat.E glyph. (Mammals).
* E1+ same, but with a cat.E glyph from E10 to E19.


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For any suggestion to improve this work, to report bugs and glyphs error, please contact : paul@cliohist.net

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